Ensemble/Chamber Orchestra 


'The perfection of self' for Violin and Woodwind Trio 1999

'Musik im Gegensatz' for Trumpet, Percussion, Violoncello, Contrabass and Piano 2004

'Gefrorene Zeit' for Violin, Percussion and Piano 2007

'Minifiction' for Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass and Piano 2012

'Nakhwa - Falling flower petals' for Pansori, Violin, Haegeum, Gayageum and Piano 2018

'Nakhwa - Falling flower petals' for Pansori, Violin, Gayageum, Piano and electronic sound 2018/2019

'Die unterbrochene Brücke III' for String Quartet 2019 

'Rastlose Liebe' for soprano, clarinet, violoncello, percussion and piano 2020-21




Piano Sonata 'Laga' 1999

'Round is the sky, square is the earth' for Violin solo 2000

'Goodbye' for Piano Trio 2001

'Drei Studien' for two Pianos 2005

'Die unterbrochene Brücke' for Clarinet and Violoncello 2005/2007

'approximate' for Piano solo 2007

'5 kleine Etüde' for Clarinet solo 2007

'Antwort ohne Antwort' seven scenes from the Greek mythology Echo and Narciuss for two Trumpets with Piano resonance 2007/2010

'Narziss Fantasie' for Trumpet, Percussion and Piano 2010-2011

'Sternennacht' for Piano solo 2012 (1. Version)

'Sternennacht' for Piano solo 2014 (2. Version)

'Sternennacht' for Piano solo 2014/15 (3. Version)

'Narziss Fantasie II' for Saenghwang and Piano echo 2016

'Nächtliches Gespräch' - Mondschein und Sternenglanz for Piano solo 2016-2017

'Die unterbrochene Brücke II' for Saenghwang and Violoncello 2017

'Ginkgo Fantasie' - nach dem Gedicht von J.W. von Goethe für Klavier solo 2017




'Feel the wound' for Soprano and Piano 2000

'Nymphéas fantasy' - a Korean in the Musée de l'Orangerie for mixed Choir and Gayageum 2015

'Gyo Ul Na Mu(Winterbaum)' for Soprano and Piano 2015

'San I Jo Ah' for Soprano and Piano 2020


Korean traditional


'Nabi' for Gayageum solo 2002

'Answer without answer II' for two Gayageums 2015

'Nymphéas fantasy' - a Korean in the Musée de l'Orangerie for Gayageum 2015/2019




'Agitation' for Orchestra 2001

'Mong' for Soprano, Clarinet, Percussion and String Orchestra 2013

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